Professional Wills

A professional will is a legal document that describes what should happen with your practice upon your sudden incapacity or death. Professional wills are a crucial aspect of preparing for the future, helping you fulfill your ethical obligation to ensure the continued care of your clients. Your professional will should be on file with both your lawyer and TherapyNotes.

Your professional will should name a professional executor who will be in charge handling matters pertaining to your practice and maintaining access to your clients' records. Include the full name, phone number, email address, and other relevant information of your professional executor in your professional will so that our team can readily verify their identity when necessary. 

If your estate can provide us with proof of death or incapacity, we will provide your designated executor with the appropriate access to your records. For the benefit of your professional executor, be sure to indicate that your records are stored with TherapyNotes and include your TherapyNotes practice code and username. Do not include your TherapyNotes password.

For information about what to include in your professional will, read How (and Why) to Prepare a Professional Will for Your Therapy Practice on our blog.

Only one professional will may be uploaded per practice. Therefore, the professional will uploaded to TherapyNotes should represent the entire practice. While every clinician should have a professional will, in the event that a non-admin Clinician is incapacitated, a Practice Administrator on the account should be responsible for the security and reassignment of records.

Role Required: Practice Administrator

To prepare your document for upload:

  • If you have a physical copy of your professional will, scan the document to create a digital file.
  • Ensure the file size of the document is below 25MB.

To upload your professional will:

  • Click the User Icon > Settings > TherapyNotes Subscription

  • Under Practice Documents and Agreements, click the To be prepared, upload your professional will link.
  • Click the Upload Professional Will button.

  • Click the Choose File button to select your professional will from your computer.
  • Click the Add Document button.

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