Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are billed to the normal payer using a special service code. For example, if the EAP is under Aetna, bill to Aetna's normal payer ID using the EAP service code. If you don't know the service code to use contact the payer's EDI department directly.


Step 1: Add a custom service code

  • Click the User Icon > Settings > "Service Codes" > "+Add Service Code"
  • Fill out the Service Type, Service Code, Description, Duration (if applicable), and Time Units.
  • Only enter the rate for the payer(s) the EAP applies to.
  • Click the green "Add Service Code" button.
  • To learn more about adding service codes, read How To: Add, Edit, and Delete Service Codes.

Step 2: Schedule the appointment

  • Click SCHEDULING > "+Create New Appointment"
  • From the "Type" dropdown select the service type you saved the EAP under.
  • From the "Service Code" dropdown select the EAP service code.
  • Fill out the rest of the appointment dialog like normal, then save.

Step 3: Complete the note

Complete the note like normal.

Step 4: Bill the date of service

Either submit the claim electronically or create, print, and mail a paper CMS-1500 form.

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