How to Review Outcome Measure results

Role Required: Clinician, Clinical Administrator, Supervisor

If a patient completes an outcome measure independently, the results will be viewable from the patient’s document, the portal tab, or the to-do list under “Process Portal Responses.”

The results are viewable from the Patient’s Document Tab if an outcome measure is clinician-administered.

Click Patients > Select Patient > Documents tab.

Patient’s Documents

To-Do List Items

To view outcome measures that a Patient completed on the Portal, you can access these from the To-Do List by clicking Document Requests.

Portal Tab

To view outcome measures that a Patient completed on the Portal:

Click Patients > Select Patients > Portal

  1. Click the name of the completed questionnaire you’d like to open and view.

  2. Depending on the measure, you will see the scoring and interpretation section, which will display the patient’s total score, severity, and recommendations for the initial diagnosis.

3. The results table displays some or all of the (response options/possible responses). The selected answer choice is highlighted in grey. Scores associated with each selected response are also displayed under the score column where applicable

Note: Any significant results of certain client measures are highlighted in yellow.
  1. Once you finish reviewing the completed questionnaire, click the Mark as Processed button at the bottom of the screen to update the status.

Note: All completed outcome measures are available in the patient’s Documents tab. The Status column in the table might differ depending on how an outcome measure was completed. Outcome measures completed by a clinician during a session will say "Completed." Measures submitted in the portal will continue to show as "Completed by Patient" once they are processed by the practice and will show "Pending Patient Submission" or "Needs Processing" as appropriate before processing.

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