Submitting Claim Files Through Office Ally

TherapyNotes now allows you to directly download 837P files to submit to a clearinghouse outside the system to help you through the existing outage.  Every clearinghouse has different requirements for these files, so you may have different levels of success attempting to submit to different clearinghouses.  Customer feedback has generally indicated that Office Ally is able to accept claim files as they are generated by TherapyNotes.  See if your payers are supported by Office Ally at To help you with the claim submission process, simply follow the steps below as you set up your Office Ally account. 

Getting Started

Go to to begin.  Select the Sign up button in the Clearinghouse panel, and follow the prompts to confirm your email and create your Office Ally account.

When you have established your account, you will be prompted to choose how you want to submit claims.  Choose “Create claims using my current system.”

And find TherapyNotes in the list (Office Ally has a space in the name that does not belong, so simply search “Therapy” and select from the list.)

Next, select “Professional Claims” as the type of claim you will be submitting:

This will bring you to the Service Center Dashboard.  On the dashboard, select Submit Claims:

Then choose to Upload Claims.

In TherapyNotes, follow the instructions to download claim files from the Mark External Claims page, then drag the claim files you download into Office Ally.  You will see the banner to indicate Office Ally has processed the file. You are able to upload more than one file at a time.

Note: The TherapyNotes data files we are providing are exactly the same as what we would usually send to Change Healthcare, therefore there may be some incompatibilities with Office Ally. For example, Office Ally and Change Healthcare have some payer IDs that are different. We do not make any guarantee that your claims will be processed successfully. We also have no direct relationship with OfficeAlly and we encourage you to contact them for support if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

When using Office Ally, once my claims have a 'Passed' status, do I have to click the view button and press send after?

No. Under 'Manage Claims' you'll see all of your submitted claims and their current status. Note that it may take several hours (up to 48) after you've uploaded a claim initially to see it listed on this page. With the surge in claim volume, initial processing of claims after upload is slower than normal. If your claim has a 'Passed' status, that means it's been successfully submitted. If you see a status of 'Rejected' you'll want to repair the claim by fixing the rejections. Here's a list of common rejection definitions from Office Ally. 

When using Office Ally, how do I know what went through, and what didn't?

First, you may want to revert to the classic view of Office Ally, which is sometimes easier to navigate. At the top of the screen on the right, select 'return to classic'. From there, you can see the Report section in the left navigation menu and select Inventory Reporting. Leave all the defaults as set and click search to see all your claims and their current status.

If you need further assistance on the Office Ally site, you can read through their knowledge base or reach out to their Customer Support Center

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