Creating a Custom Form

With our new document builder, creating and sharing documents is now easier than ever before. Practice users can create documents, such as Practice Agreements or Cancellation Policies, and share them directly with patients through TherapyPortal. These components are just the beginning and we will be adding more in the future to allow you to create fillable forms! 

Role Required: Practice Administrator

How to Create a Custom Document

  • Click Library > Portal Forms > Create Form

About New Form

  • Title: Create a title for the form. This title will be viewable by the patients.
  • Description: You can add an optional description of the form that is only viewable to practice users.
  • Sharing on the Portal: Choose Enabled to make the document available for sharing through the client portal. If you choose Always Available, all clients with portal accounts will be able to use the form at any time. The form can remain Disabled until it is complete and ready to be shared.
  • TherapyNotes Access: Choose the type of access for the document once it has been created.

Creating a Custom Form

The form builder contains a Text element, a Divider, a Patient Signature element, and a Practice Acknowledgement element. 

  • The built in rich-text editor allows for users to add Headings, Subheadings, Paragraphs, and Quotes. Users can bold, italicize, and underline text as well as make bulleted or numbered lists, and add indents.
  • The Divider makes it easy to break up information into sections.
  • If a Patient Signature element has been added, the patient will need to sign the document.
  • If the Practice Acknowledgement has been added, the document will be put into a “Needs Processing” status when it is completed by the patient on the portal. A practice user with the appropriate role (Clinical, Administrative, Billing) would then be able to apply their signature to the final document.

The form builder includes different choice options for clients to answer questions: Text Response, Choice options, Single Select, Drop Down, and Checkboxes.

  • The Text Response option enables you to create short and long answer questions to gather information from patients. The Required toggle can be utilized to make the question required or optional for patient completion.
  • The Single Select Choice option can be used to create a question using a radio buttons to accept a single response from the patient. When using this option, a response is always required.
  • The Dropdown Choice option can be used to create a question that has a single response. When using this option, a response can be optional or required. On the completed document, only the selected response is displayed.
  • The Checkbox Choice option can be used to create a question that could have multiple responses. When using this type of question, a response can be optional or required. On the completed document, all of the response options are displayed, whether selected or not.

You can click anywhere on the form to add a text box. Additionally, you can click the icons on the left to drag and drop the element on the form. Clicking on the plus sign on the top or bottom of an element will also allow you to add an element. 

Once your document is complete, click Save Form.

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