Patient Credit Cards Report

The Patient Credit Cards Report allows the ability to search for outstanding balances, expired cards, or cards that are going to be expiring shortly for active patients.

Note: To use the Patient Credit Cards Report, payment processing must be enabled for your account.

To Create a Patient Credit Cards Report:

Role Required: Practice Biller

• Click Billing > Click Pt Credit Cards

• You can filter your search by Expired Card, Expiring Card, Balance and Card, No Card, or Custom to filter by specific criteria.

• Click Search

The report will generate a list of credit card data that matches with your search filters. If the patient has multiple cards on file, the report will display the cards with the most recently entered at the top. You can click the credit card icon to be taken to that patient's billing page.

You will see a yellow warning icon next to an expiration date if the credit card will be expiring within the current month or next month. If a patient has portal account or is eligible for a portal account (have email & DOB on file but haven't created or logged in), you will be able to send a Payment Authorization Form by clicking the icon on the right-side column to send a request for a new card.

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