Add Prescription Support Staff in TherapyNotes

Add Prescription Support Staff in TherapyNotes

Prescription support staff can help with monitoring medication statuses and making sure the practice is up to date with current prescriptions for patients. Only users with the Clinician role, an additional $30/month charge per clinician, along with a Medication Management clinician type will have this ability in TherapyNotes. An NPI is not required to set up this option.

A prescription support staff member will be able to view and select pharmacies, manage allergies, access the patient’s medical history, and add prescriptions and/or patient reported medications. They will not have the ability to approve prescriptions or respond to pharmacy requests.

To Enable Prescription Support Staff:

Role Required: Clinician
  • Click Staff > Staff name
  • Click the eRx tab under the staff’s name
  • Click Enroll Now
Note: If you have an NPI on file, you will be able to choose whether to enroll as a prescribing clinician or as prescription support staff.
  • Review the ePrescribe Terms of Service, then select the I have read and accept the ePrescribe Terms of Service checkbox
  • Enter in the Enrollment User Information in the form fields below
  • Click Enroll in ePrescribe

Your enrollment will be pending confirmation.  Once enrollment is confirmed, you will see your confirmation in your To-Do List.

Assisting with Patient Medications

To access a patient’s medications, support staff must be assigned to the patient. The patient’s eRx tab will show information relevant to the patient’s medication. Prescription support staff can edit allergies, add pharmacies, and add patient reported medications as well.

  • Click Patients > patient name > click eRx
  • You will see headings for both Pending Medications (when they exist), as well as Active, Inactive and Medication Histories

If there is more than one prescribing clinician in your practice, then you will be prompted to indicate which clinician you are working on behalf of.

When reviewing the information in a patient's eRx tab, support staff are able to do almost everything a prescriber can do, including managing the patient's allergies list, their preferred pharmacies and updating their Active Medications list. Support staff will not be able to approve prescriptions or respond to pharmacy requests.

Prescriber sees:

Prescription Support sees:

Review eRx Notifications as Prescription Support Staff:

Support staff will receive notifications about prescriptions for all the clients to whom they are assigned. Like prescribers, they will see a counter in the top navigation bar, as well as a To-Do List item.

  • Click To-Do > Select eRx Notifications exist for your patients
    • You can also click the counter in the top right corner to access the notifications
  • Any new notifications will be listed under All New with the number of notifications pending
  • You can select Pending Prescriptions, Pharmacy Requests, or Custom for a more detailed search, including by prescriber

You will see here any available notifications to review. The table will show the patient, prescriber name, and the notice type. You will see Status to review if this notification is new, as well as the medication name, dosage, and pharmacy. Click the Patient’s name to review any specific information on that patient’s chart.

Note: If you go to the patient’s eRx tab, by design, the prescribing system will not display the pharmacy requests. Your only view of these requests is via TherapyNotes eRx Notifications page.

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