Outcome Measures

TherapyNotes makes it easy to gather pertinent information about your client’s mental health status with outcome measures that can be sent and completed through TherapyPortal! 

TherapyNotes has several measures to help you get started. For example, send the Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7 (GAD-7), Patient Health Questionnaire 9 (PHQ-9), and preliminary assessment CAGE-AID, available in both English and Spanish, to quickly screen your patients for potential areas of improvement. Scores are automatically calculated for you!

Simply send the questionnaire as a document or portal request for your client to complete and submit through your client portal. Each questionnaire takes only a few minutes for your client to complete, and results are available to view upon submission from the patient’s Documents or Portal tab or from your To-Do List in TherapyNotes.

The completed questionnaire clearly displays your client’s score and rating, as well as their answers to every question, with any significant response highlighted. You will also see Recommendations based on their score. The completed questionnaire can be printed or downloaded as a PDF.

Send an Outcome Measure to a Client

Role Required: Any

You can send an outcome measure to a client two ways: from the Outcome Measures tab in the Library, or from the client's Portal tab.

  • Click Library > Outcome Measures tab
  • Click the name of the questionnaire you want to send.

  • A screen about the questionnaire will open, including a preview of a sample completed questionnaire.

  • Click the Share on Portal button at the bottom of the screen. This will open a Share Documents on Portal dialog.

  • Begin typing in the Patient field and select the patient’s name.
  • Enter text in the Instructions field, if desired.
  • Click the Send Document Request button.


Click Patients > Patient name > Portal tab > Share Documents button

  • The Share Documents on Portal dialog will appear. Make sure the Library Documents tab is selected.
  • Select the questionnaire you want to send from the Select Library Documents to Share field.

  • Enter text in the Instructions field, if desired.
  • Click the Send Document Request button.

After sending the document request, the outcome measure will be listed in the patient's Documents and Portal Requests, with a Pending Submission status.

Tip: Practice Administrators can enable and disable outcome measures for sharing through the client portal by clicking the Edit icon in the About section for each measure. Measures are enabled for sharing by default if the portal is enabled.

Review a Completed Outcome Measure

Role Required: Clinician, Intern, or Clinical Administrator

You can view a completed outcome measure from the patient’s Documents tab or Portal tab or from your To-Do List (under Process Portal Responses). Click the questionnaire name to open and view it.

The Scoring and Interpretation section will display the patient’s Total Score, Severity, and recommendations for initial diagnosis.

The Results table displays the response the client chose for each question. All possible responses are shown, with the one chosen by the client in a gray box. Significant results will be highlighted in yellow. If you are viewing the results on a narrow screen, only the answer chosen will display.

After reviewing the completed document, click the Mark as Processed button at the bottom of the screen to update the status. All sent and completed questionnaires will be listed in the patient’s Documents and Portal Requests lists. That Status column will indicate if the questionnaire is Pending Submission, Needs Processing or has been Reviewed/Completed. Activity related to outcome measures can also be searched in the Activity Log on the Settings page.

Note: If a questionnaire has been completed and submitted, you will not the able to send the same questionnaire to that client again until you have marked the completed one as processed.

To download a PDF of the completed questionnaire, click the Download link at the bottom of the page. When your PDF is ready, click the Ready: Click to Download link. To print a completed questionnaire, click the Print icon at the bottom of the page. 

Access a Questionnaire as a TherapyPortal User

You can share these instructions with your client about how to access and complete a questionnaire on the portal.

To access and complete a questionnaire from TherapyPortal, first log in to the portal. A link to the questionnaire will appear on the home page under Needs Your Attention and on the Documents page.

  • Click the document name or the Review and Complete button to begin the questionnaire.
  • On the next screen, read the instructions, choose a language, and then click the I’m Ready. Let’s Begin! button.

  • One question will display at a time, and your progress (how many questions you have completed) will show in the green bar above each question. Click the radio button that best describes your answer to each question. Click the Continue button to proceed to the next question. If you want to go back to a previous question, click the link at the bottom right of the questionnaire. 

  • If you want to exit before completing the questionnaire, click outside the questionnaire and into the Documents tab. However, please note that the answers you completed so far will not be saved.
  • One you have answered all the questions, you will see a screen that says “Complete!”. Click the

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