ePrescribe Reports

Practice Administrators can request various type of reports in ePrescribe, including EPCS incidents and audits, MIPS prescriptions, outstanding refill requests, and ePrescribe counts. All reports listing patient-level data use patient ID numbers to protect identities. Requests for reports will be submitted to the TherapyNotes Support team for processing.

Role Required: Practice Administrator

Request an ePrescribe Report

Click the User Icon > Settings > ePrescribe > Request Reports

The Request Reports link can be found at the bottom right of the ePrescribe Settings page or any prescriber's Staff eRx tab.

On the ePrescribe Reports page, choose the desired report type from the Report dropdown. The report type selected will determine which dropdown options are available. If applicable, you may select a date range from the Dates dropdown or enter a custom date range, choose a clinician from the Clinician dropdown, choose a Prescription Status (for Prescriptions by Date report), or select a Response Type (for Refill Responses report).

If you want to request more than one report, click the  + Additional Report text link at the bottom of the form and repeat the steps above.

When finished, click the  Submit Request button.

Note: Allow at least one business day for TherapyNotes Support to run the report. Report files will be added to the selected clinician’s Files when ready. If no clinician was selected, then it will be added to the requestor's Files.

Types of Reports

Prescriptions By Date: Provides a list of prescriptions written within a specified date range. Clinician and Prescription Status are included if selected from dropdowns on the report request form.

EPCS Incidents: Provides a list of events related to clinicians enrolled in EPCS to alert practices to possible misuse of clinicians’ EPCS credentials. Practice Administrators can also use a version of this report within TherapyNotes at any time. Additionally, Practice Administrators will see an alert in their To-Do list if there are items in our EPCS Incidents report they should review. 

EPCS Audit: Provides a log of events related to EPCS prescriptions and EPCS enrollment. Statuses include Entered, Ready to Sign, EPCS Signed, Sending, and eRx Sent. 

ePrescribe Users: Provides a log of the creation of and updates to users in the ePrescribe DoseSpot system. The report displays the ID, name, email, role, and prescribing status for each user. Date range options on the report request form must be used to capture when users enrolled or were updated.

ePrescribe Counts: Provides per-clinician counts of the number of prescriptions written vs sent electronically as well as the percentage of their prescriptions sent electronically. This report is especially useful for practices trying to prove their use of technology for government funding under Meaningful Use programs. 

MIPS Prescriptions: Provides a log of prescriptions written within a specified date range for use in reporting on the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) electronic prescribing performance measure. 

Refill Responses: Provides a log of pharmacy refill requests and the prescriber’s response to each. Clinician and Response Type are included if selected from dropdowns on the report request form.

Outstanding Refill Requests: Provides a list of Pharmacy Refill Requests that are waiting for responses from the prescriber. This report includes a column indicating whether substitutions were allowed by the prescriber.

Outstanding Transmission Errors: Provides a list of transmission errors for prescriptions sent electronically but not received by the pharmacy. 

Duplicate Patients: Provides a list of duplicate patients per clinician. 

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