Upload Externally Received ERA Files

While many payers are able to route electronic remittance advice (ERA) directly to TherapyNotes, others may not support this convenient service. However, you can upload the ERA you receive externally into TherapyNotes. This helps you maintain all of your billing data in one secure, centralized location and also allows you to take advantage of our convenient ERA payment posting feature for any ERA.

TherapyNotes charges $0.14 per claim on uploaded ERA.

Role Required: Practice Biller

To upload an ERA file:

  • Click Billing > ERA
  • Click the Upload ERA button.
  • In the Upload ERA File dialog that appears, select the file to upload.
Note: ERA usually use the file extension .835, but most other plain text files are acceptable. Formatted text files or graphical file types such as PDF, Microsoft Word, and Pages files cannot be accepted.
  • Click the Add File button.

Once you've added your file, the file will be scanned for ERA data. Any new ERA detected in the file will be automatically added to your account, where they will appear in the ERA table. Any duplicate ERA that already exists in your account will be discarded automatically.

After the ERA has been added to your account, you can use our ERA payment posting feature to process the insurance payment. For more information, read Post ERA Payments.

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