Purchasing a Card Reader to Swipe Credit, Debit, and HSA Cards

With a TherapyNotes merchant account, you can charge a client's credit, debit, or HSA card directly in TherapyNotes. If you haven't yet applied for a merchant account, click the User Icon > Settings >Patient Credit Card Processing to get started, or read Credit Card Processing Application and Fees for more information.

While you can type credit card information to store or charge in TherapyNotes, swiping credit cards is faster and more secure. CardPointe, the payment processing gateway we use for credit card processing, supports point-to-point encryption to keep credit card data secure. With the supported card reader, credit card information is encrypted as soon as it is swiped and remains encrypted until it reaches CardConnect's secure decryption environment, keeping confidential card data safe from hacking and fraud. Once the card is swiped, the encrypted information is securely put on file for the patient.

The only reader supported by TherapyNotes is the MagTek Dynamag encrypted card reader (pictured below), which must be purchased directly from CardConnect. No other readers will work with TherapyNotes. The MagTek Dynamag reader requires a USB port to connect and is compatible with all Macintosh and Windows computers. For unsupported devices such as iPads or tablets, you may still type card information into TherapyNotes or use a card that's already on file.

To learn how to charge and store credit cards in TherapyNotes, read Credit, Debit, and HSA Card Processing.

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