TherapyNotes Pricing and Subscription Options

TherapyNotes offers a variety of subscription options to suit any type of organization at any stage of business, from solo providers to retired practitioners who need secure access to their records. No matter how you use TherapyNotes, every plan starts with a 30-day free trial. The types of subscriptions we support are:

TherapyNotes also offers the following optional à la carte features that are available with most subscriptions:

  • Real time eligibility (RTE) verification: 14¢ per eligibility request
  • Insurance claims: 14¢ per electronic claim, 49¢ per mailed paper claim
  • Electronic remittance advice (ERA): 14¢ per claim in an ERA
  • Appointment reminders: 14¢ per text or voice reminder, free email reminders
  • Credit card processing: 2.9% per transaction (one of the lowest in the industry) plus 30¢ per transaction. For more information on fees please contact our merchant support team at 215-658-4550 ex.3.
  • Telehealth: Telehealth is free for one-on-one telehealth sessions (Group sessions and other future enhancements may have associated costs).
  • ePrescribe: $65 per month per prescriber
  • Medical billing services: Full service medical billing with a TherapyNotes billing partner, pricing varies

Standard Subscriptions

Our standard subscription plans are made for private practices, agencies, clinics, or other facilities—any for-profit business who actively sees clients. Standard subscriptions are broken down into Solo pricing and Group/Enterprise pricing, and you are automatically charged the lowest rate according to how you use the software. 

Solo: $49/month for a single user. This pricing applies to any solo provider who is the sole user on the account. 

Group: $59/month for the first clinician, $30/month per additional clinician, and unlimited non-clinical users such as Practice Administrators, Practice Schedulers, and Practice Billers.

Enterprise: Our Enterprise plan uses the same rates as our Group plan but requires at least 30 users on the account. Accounts that satisfy this requirement are assigned a designated account manager to ensure that your organization thrives with TherapyNotes.

Non-Profit Subscription

Non-profit organizations can receive a discounted rate of $25/month per clinician and unlimited non-clinical users by uploading a copy of their 501c3 certificate to their account. To qualify for this discount, click the User Icon > Settings > TherapyNotes Subscription; under Practice Documents and Agreements, click the To qualify for non-profit pricing, upload your 501c3 link; and click the Upload 501c3 button to select and upload your certificate.

If you sign up for TherapyNotes as a non-profit organization but fail to upload a copy of your 501c3 certificate, you will automatically be switched to one of our standard subscription plans.

Education Subscriptions

Our education subscription plans are made for educational institutions interested in giving their students experience with real-world mental health software.

Mental Health Training Clinic: University or other mental health training clinics who have students see real clients can contact our Sales team for pricing.

In the Classroom: For creating simulated practices in a classroom setting, TherapyNotes is completely free, regardless of class size. Classroom accounts allow instructors to take students through the full documentation cycle from intake to discharge but do not support insurance billing or other billing features.


If you no longer wish to use your TherapyNotes account but want to continue to access your electronic records securely, we offer a secure storage option for just $9/month for the first user and $3/month per additional user. While your account is in storage, users will not be able to create new appointments, notes, or patients, and additional TherapyNotes features such as electronic claims, real time eligibility verification, electronic remittance advice, patient appointment reminders, and your client portal will be disabled. Users will still be able to access existing records and billing history according to their user roles, and none of your data will be altered or deleted.

Only Practice Administrators can place their practice's account in storage.

To put your account in storage, click the User Icon > Settings > TherapyNotes Subscription and click the Put Account in Storage link in the Subscription Details and Pricing section. You will be asked to enter your password, and your account will be put in storage immediately. Your subscription rate will be just $9/month plus $3/month for any additional users starting the next billing cycle.

If you have previously put your account in storage and wish to reactivate your account, call our Sales team at (215) 658-4550 x1 to change your subscription.

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