This article covers basic reporting features:

  • Billing Transactions
  • Patient Aging Report
  • Insurance Aging Report
  • Revenue Report
  • Write-Off and Adjustments Report
  • Note Count Report
  • EDI Claim History

To run a report, navigate to BILLING at the top. You can search billing transactions directly from this page with options for clinician, type, method, date, status, items, and more. You can also access other reports on this page. 

Revenue Reports show the revenue generated from insurance and patient payments. If you click on any reported balance shown in blue, TherapyNotes will provide you with the "payments leading to this revenue." 

Patient and Insurance Aging Reports show outstanding balances for patients and payers.

The Write-Off Report is where you can track the payments that you have written-off from patient or insurance payments. If you click on any reported charges shown in blue, TherapyNotes will provide you with a breakdown of "charges with write-offs." Write-offs are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Note Count Reports are great for calculating how many sessions per service type, per note type, per patient, or per clinician, have occurred. 

EDI Claim History: The EDI Claim History allows you to track the location and status electronic claims sent out through TherapyNotes. Messages about electronic claims rejected by the clearinghouse, and those rejected by a payer who reports rejection feedback through TherapyNotes, is located here. To learn more about the EDI Claim History seethis article

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