Enter Custom Cash Rates per Client

There are many circumstances in which you may provide services to a client at a discounted rate. Most frequently, you may offer a sliding scale fee structure to clients who cannot afford the established rates. Other times, you may offer a package discount or ancillary services that are not covered by insurance, or you may provide a client a discount to attend group therapy sessions when they are also coming for individual services.

If you have negotiated a custom cash rate for a client, document these custom rates in the client's chart. TherapyNotes will automatically apply the custom rates to billing line items with the method Direct. However, custom rates are not applied to billing items that are submitted to insurance.

Role Required: Practice Biller or Biller for Assigned Patients Only

Enter a Custom Cash Rate for a Client

  • Click Patients > Patient name > Billing Settings tab
  • Click anywhere on the Patient Cash Rates box to edit.


  • From the Service Code dropdown, select the service code for which you have negotiated a custom rate.
  • Enter the custom cash rate in the Rate field.
  • To add a custom cash rate for another service code, click the + Add Rate Info button.
  • Click the Save Changes button.

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