Integrated Payment Processing

TherapyNotes offers fully-integrated payment processing services, allowing you to securely charge and store your clients' credit, debit, and HSA cards. Cards may be swiped into TherapyNotes using a USB card reader or manually entered when inputting a client payment. 

After the card is entered into TherapyNotes once, the card can be securely stored in TherapyNotes to be used for future transactions. This allows you to easily collect copays without needing to swipe the card each time, collect missed appointment fees without waiting to see the client again, and avoid frequent trips to the bank to deposit cash or checks. As an added bonus, accepting card payments allows for more convenient visits for your clients.

The funds you collect from payment processing are deposited directly into your bank account the next day when the transaction occurs before 9:30 pm ET. 

Note: Because payment services are managed by CardConnect, a third-party vendor, integrated payment processing is not free during your free trial of TherapyNotes.

To begin accepting card payments, apply for a TherapyNotes payment processing merchant account. Click the User Icon > Settings > Patient Credit Card Processing > Apply Now, or read Payment Processing Application and Fees for more information.

Role Required: Practice Biller or Biller for Assigned Patients Only

Charge a Client's Credit, Debit, or HSA Card

  • Click Patients > Patient name > patient Billing tab > Enter Patient Payment

1) For the Payment Method selection, you can select any previously entered card by clicking on the card name and number. Previously entered cards are identified by a security token which consists of the type, last four digits, and expiration date of the card, a description and when it was last used. To enter a new card, click + Add a credit card or + swipe card in the upper right to use your card reader.

2) Enter the Payment Amount.

3) Allocate the fund to the date of service you wish to mark for payment.

4) Click the Charge Card and Save New Payment button.

For additional information, read Enter Patient Payments.

Note: Your payment processing fees are taken out separately from TherapyNotes, and are withdrawn directly from your bank account at the start of each new month.

Store a Card for Future Transactions Without Charging

  • Click Patients > Patient name > Billing Settings tab
  • Click anywhere on the Saved Credit / Debit Cards box to edit.
  • Click the + Enter Card button to manually enter a new card, or click the + Swipe Card button to enter the card using a card reader.

  • If manually entering a card, input the information and click the Save Card button.

Tip: If multiple cards will be kept on file for the client, use the Note field when entering a new card to add a name for the card.

To issue a receipt to your client, create a statement and choose a custom date range to show information for the date of payment only. The statement can be downloaded and printed.

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