Patient Preferred Name Field

While not required, the preferred name field in the Patient Info tab allows you to input your client's preferred name. For a personalized touch in correspondence with your client, the preferred name appears on the individual's client portal account, and if added, will display on their Appointment Reminders as well.

Tip: Since a client's name must be inputted exactly as it appears on the client's insurance card, the Preferred Name field is helpful for trans* individuals whose legal name differs from their preferred name.

The preferred name field should not be used for internal account numbers or social security numbers. This information can be entered in the corresponding Account Number and SSN fields on the Patient Info tab when these fields are enabled.

To enable the Account Number and/or SSN fields:

  • Click the User Icon > Settings > Patient Records
  • To enable the Account Number field, select the Account Numbers: Practice-assigned internal account numbers for patients (usually not recommended) checkbox. From here, you can also edit Note Header Settings and Patient Statement Settings.
  • To enable the SSN field, select the Social Security Numbers: Ask for social security numbers for each patient (usually not recommended) checkbox.
  • Click the Save Patient Settings button.

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