Complete a Miscellaneous Note

Miscellaneous Notes are non-clinical documents used to track information not covered by other note templates. If you intend to charge for the interaction with the client, a Miscellaneous Note also creates a billing line item.

Role Required: Any

To Create a Miscellaneous Note:

  • Click Patients > Patient name > Documents tab
  • Click the Create Note button.
  • From the list that appears, select Miscellaneous Note.

To learn more about creating notes and note writing tools in TherapyNotes, read Create a Note.

Note Header

The note header automatically fills in information for the client, the client's insurance, the date and time the note was written, and which staff member created the note. To edit the Note Title or Date & Time, click anywhere on the note header or click Edit in the upper right corner.

Note Content

Note Content is blank text field with no limit to the number of characters you can enter. Enter any information regarding your interaction with the client.

Sign and Save

Note: In order to save a Miscellaneous Note, you complete the Note Content field. All other fields are optional.


Once you have completed your Miscellaneous Note, select the Sign this Form checkbox to electronically sign the note. 

If you intend to bill for your interaction with the client, select This interaction with the patient will be billable. A billing line item will be generated for the interaction with Misc. Charge from Misc. Note entered for billing Type and Direct entered for Payer.

Tip: To enter a charge for the Miscellaneous Note, click Patients > Patient name > patient Billing tab and click the date of service for the interaction. Enter the appropriate value in the Amount Owed field, then enter a client payment once you received payment for the communication.

Select whether the note should be visible only to clinicians assigned to the client or to all users from the Note is visible to dropdown. Click the Create Note button.

To save an unfinished Miscellaneous Note, leave Sign this Form unchecked and click the Save Draft button. You may access your draft later from your To-Do list or click Patients > Patient name > Documents tab.

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