Select Columns Button

Various data tables throughout TherapyNotes will automatically display columns based on what will fit on your display. For example, if you have a large enough display, the Patients page will now show the patient’s preferred phone and the Billing page will now include a new Insurance Paid column.

With smaller displays, such as iPads in portrait mode, columns are automatically removed from the results, based on a priority order we carefully selected. If your display is too small to display the column you want to see, click the "Select Columns" icon to override the automatic selection.

You can also set it back to "Automatically select columns to fit your display", such as after you are done seeing the information you wanted.

Your column selections will be remembered for the next time, but the setting is unique for each web browser.

The “Select Columns” button is located on the top right of the blue horizontal bar on the following pages:

  • Appointment Requests list
  • Billing statements
  • EDI Claim History
  • ERA list
  • Notes list
  • Patients list
  • Payers list
  • Payers Supported by Change Healthcare
  • Service Code settings page
  • Staff list
  • Supervising list
  • Service Code settings page

After clicking the “Select Columns” button on any page a pop up window appears.  If desired, check the box to select “Automatically select columns to fit your display”.  OR check the boxes next to the type of information you want displayed.  Click the green “Show Selected Columns” button. 

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